Adding students to a course is the final step of the course creation process. 

Firstly, only a Course Admin can add students to a course (the creator of a course is the Course Admin).

During the course setup process, the Course Admin is prompted to select their preferred way of managing student enrolment, as shown in the following screenshot:

Image 1 - Selecting the enrolment type during the course setup process

Enrolment methods explained

1. Enrolment by invitation: 

If you wish to enrol students by invitation, you would need to provide students' email addresses, and invitation emails would be sent to all students.


  • You have complete control over who has access to the course

  • You can trigger reminders for all students (to sign up) from within Acadly

  • You can track which of your students are yet to sign up for Acadly

2. Enrolment by code: 

If you choose to enrol students by sharing a join code, Acadly will generate a unique 6-character code that you can share with students and they can self-enrol for your courses.


  • If you do not have your students' email addresses, this method makes it convenient to manage the enrolment process

To enrol students by invitation

Tap the Analytics icon on the top right corner of your course page. You can either enter the email addresses of the students manually or you can upload the roster file (.csv or .txt format) containing the email addresses of all the students.

Image 2 - Accessing the course analytics section to manage course enrolment 

Step 2: Click add students

Image 3 - The "Add Students" button

Step 3: Upload email IDs or copy-paste them into the text box

Image 4 - The Add Students Dialog Box

Note: If you're uploading email IDs, make sure you're uploading a file with a .CSV or .TXT extension. The file needs to contain just the email IDs. If there's any additional data in the file, this will not cause a problem. The rest of the data will simply be ignored.

Manage enrolment

Once you add students to your course, you can manage enrolment using the following options:

Image 5 - The Course Analytics section layout

  1. All enrolled students show up in the "enrolled students" section

  2. All students who haven't created their Acadly account yet will show up in the "pending students" section. If students have an Acadly account, they will automatically be enrolled into your course. No action is necessary at the students' end.

  3. You can Remind students (over email) to create Acadly accounts by using this option. This sends an email to only those students who don't have an Acadly account.

  4. You can Delete students from the course using this option.

To enrol students by code

If you opt to enrol students by code, please navigate to the course analytics section on the top right corner of the course timeline, as shown in Image 2 above.

Here, you will find the enrolment code. You can share this with students anytime and they can self-enrol for your course themselves, anytime.

Image 6 - The Enrolment Code, as shown to the Course Admin after they publish their course

Students can then self-enrol for a course by following the steps described in this Help Center article.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to us at

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