Every course on Acadly can have four kinds of members:

  • Course Admin (necessary)

The person who creates the course is the Course Admin. The Course Admin can use Acadly to teach themselves and if required, they can also add other instructors to the course.

  • Course Instructors (optional)

Course Instructors can join the course only on invitation from the Course Admin. For certain administrative course management tasks, a Course Instructor may have to liaise with the Course Admin. A list of the Course Instructor's privileges is here.

  • Course Teaching Assistants (optional)

Like a Course Instructor, a Teaching Assistant can only join the course on invitation from the Course Admin. TAs are akin to graders on Acadly and have fewer privileges. You can learn about what TAs can and cannot do on Acadly here.

IMPORTANT: If you would require your TA to upload content and activities, as would be clear from the links above, it is recommended that you add them to your course as co-instructors instead. 

  • Students

Once again, students cannot self-enroll for a course and need to be invited by the Course Admin.

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