Every Class (or "Lecture") on Acadly can have up to two course team members as Class managers: the Class In-Charge and the Class Assistant.

  • If there is only one instructor in the course, they are the Class In-charge for all classes by default

  • If the course has more than one instructor, the Course Admin is automatically prompted to assign a Class In-charge for every class

  • The Class In-charge can be changed any time before the lecture begins. The new Class In-charge will then have all the privileges that the previous class in-charge had.

  • If the previous Class In-Charge had added any activities to a lecture, the new Class In-charge can edit, remove or publish any of those activities attached to the class.

Acadly - differences between class in-charge and class assistant

Differences between Class In-charge and Class Assistant privileges

Selecting or changing the in-charge and assistant

  • The in-charge can only be selected by the Course Admin

  • The Assistant can be selected by either the Course Admin or the Class In-Charge

To edit, go to the class page and tap the edit button next to the Class Team, as shown below:

After you make the necessary edits to the Class Team, you can also apply these changes to all similar classes in the future (those that occur at the same day and time every week).

If you have any questions about this, please email us at support@acadly.com

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