If you are the in-charge of a lecture and want to change its venue, you can do so by navigating to the class page and clicking on the edit ✏️ button next to the venue as shown here:

Edit venue button on Class Page

Edit Venue button on Class Page

In an Acadly Basic course

Once you click / tap this button, the following screen opens up, where you can specify the new lecture venue.

Edit Venue Pop-up

Edit venue pop-up in an Acadly Basic course

In an Acadly Pro course

In an Acadly Pro course, instructors can change the lecture venue or the lecture modality. If the option "Online on Acadly (with Zoom plugin)" is selected, the instructor's Zoom video would be embedded on the Acadly class page.

Edit venue pop-up in an Acadly Pro course

Change for all similar classes: Turning this on will make the change for all classes at the same day and time in the future as well.

Send a notification to all students: This will send an email and push notification (on the app) to all students about the change in venue.

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