To add an activity to a lecture, you need to be the "Lecture In-charge". If you're the only professor in a course, you will be Lecture In-charge for all lectures by default.

If you are the Class In-charge of the lecture to which you want to add an activity, you can add an activity by using the + button on the bottom right of the class page.

Step 1: Create an unpublished activity

Once you tap the + button, you will find an option to add a "Pre-class activity" or an "In-class activity". In either of these categories, you can add a Quiz, Poll, Discussion or Resource.

Note: A "Resource" can be text, a file, a YouTube video or a web link.

Step 2: Publish the activity

When you create an activity on Acadly, it stays hidden from students till you "Publish" it. To share an activity, tap the Publish button on top of the page and the activity will be shared with all students enrolled in the course instantly.

How to publish an activity on Acadly

Rules for publishing activities

  • You can publish pre-class activities till 30 minutes before the scheduled start time for the lecture.

  • You can publish in-class activities only while the lecture is in session.

  • After the scheduled lecture time, if you still have some unpublished activities left, please use the "Copy" or "Move" options to publish the activity as part of another lecture.

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