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Acadly is completely free for professors and students

If you're thinking about signing up for the free version, you're probably wondering "what's the catch?" This article explains how we keep Acadly free and details our business model.

Acadly's free version (you can sign up for it here) works as a standalone platform. You can create your courses, add students, and start teaching. Neither professors nor students need to pay to use the service.

There are NO limits on:

  • The number of courses you can use Acadly for

  • The number of students you can have in a course (for technical reasons, this limit is 1000)

  • The duration of time you can use Acadly for

  • The number of activities you can share

We're committed to making these services available to our users for free.

We do NOT sell your data or show you ads

Acadly is made with a privacy and safety-first approach and we do not sell your personally identifiable information to third parties to earn.

You can access our Privacy Policy here.

Acadly's enterprise version

The enterprise version of Acadly includes an LMS plugin and a learning insights panel for administrators.

These enterprise integrations make it possible for university administrators and IT teams to manage large-scale deployments where tasks like course-creation, enrollment management, and data-exports need to be automated.

We earn by selling site-wide subscriptions for the enterprise version to groups of users - academic departments, colleges or universities. However, no one needs to purchase anything from us for their professors and students to be able to use Acadly. As a professor, one can simply sign up for Acadly and start using it for free.

Please get in touch with us at if you're interested in learning more about the enterprise version of Acadly.

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