Student Guide: Auto-attendance on Acadly

Auto-attendance troubleshooting guide for students (iOS users)


If your professor used one-tap auto-attendance/ instant roll calls and it didn't work for you and you use Android, we highly recommend that you read this guide to ensure your phone is setup properly.

Step 2/2: 9-point checklist for Android users

1. Are you using the Acadly app (and not the website)?

This feature works only on the Acadly Android and iOS apps. The website (mobile or desktop) won't work for auto-attendance.

If you don't have the app, or if the auto-attendance process doesn't work for any other reason, your professor can mark you present manually - just have a word with them when the lecture ends.

2. Are you connected to the internet?

You need reliable, uninterrupted internet access at the time the auto-attendance process runs. Reliable, uninterrupted access.

3. Is the Acadly app in the foreground when attendance is being marked?

It helps to have the Acadly app open and in the foreground (and not minimized). This increases the reliability of the process.

4. Did you give the app the permissions it asked for?

The Acadly app asks you for permissions when you log in to it the first time. Please give the app these permissions, when prompted:

Read the prompt below to understand why these permissions are needed

The app needs Location access only to switch on Bluetooth. We DO NOT use or store your GPS geographical location.

5. Have you double-checked if the app has the necessary permissions?

Some versions of Android may block the Request for Permissions prompt shown above. In any case, it helps to double check if your app has the requisite permissions.

Go to Settings on your phone and turn on access to Location, Storage and Contacts. 

Note: The menus shown in these screenshots may be different for your version of Android. If you're not sure how to follow any of the screenshot instructions on your phone, feel free to write to us at with your device details.

6. Some Android versions may prompt you for permission during the attendance process. Have you given the app these permissions?

Please tap on Allow if you see a prompt like this one.

7. Turn Battery Optimization OFF for the Acadly app

Why? When battery optimization is turned on for the Acadly app, your phone can restrict its access to background processes. The attendance process runs in the background and therefore it helps to have battery optimization turned off.

Don't worry, the Acadly app won't drain your battery.

The app returns Bluetooth to its original state after the attendance process completes - whether it worked or not - and doesn't keep it on permanently.

8. Ensure location switch is not only ON but also set to HIGH ACCURACY

Make sure of this by following these steps.

9. Turn pop-up warnings ON

In case you have location access turned OFF on your phone, the Acadly app has an in-built provision to show you a pop-up warning to turn location ON when attendance is being marked, and this pop-up shows up even if the app is minimized.

Note: Location access being OFF is one of the most common reasons for failure.

To turn on pop-up warnings for your phone as shown above, please follow these steps:

If you've gone through this checklist and found that despite having followed all the instructions mentioned here, your phone doesn't behave as expected during the auto-attendance process, please do get in touch with us at

We're here to help you troubleshoot this! :)

Team Acadly

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