If you're reading this while you're still inside the classroom

Please contact your professor at the end of the lecture about this. They will be able to change your attendance status to "Present" manually at their end.

1/4 Automatic (app-only) vs. Manual (on app & web) Attendance

A professor has two ways to record attendance using Acadly - manual and automatic. The manual process is straightforward - your professor would do a roll call or use a similar verification mechanism and check off your name in a list of students (class roster) that they see on their phone/computer. 

The automatic attendance is a way for professors to record attendance with a single tap. You can see a GIF of what this looks like on a professor's phone here.

2/4 Checking your attendance status

To view your updated attendance status, go to the attendance tab at any time. Your attendance status will be one of the following:

3/4 Understanding attendance statuses - "Absent", "Checked In" and "Present"

  1. Checked in - You need to check in to a lecture to be able to view and interact with the activities while a lecture is in session. You can check in remotely as well.

  2. Absent - If you do not check in to a lecture, your default attendance status stays "absent". Even if you check in, a professor may still mark you "absent" to verify that you weren't physically present inside the classroom during a lecture.

  3. Present - You can be marked present only by the professor. As explained earlier, they can use manual or automatic attendance to do so. You don't need to check in to a lecture for a professor to be able to mark you present.

4/4 If your professor used the automatic attendance feature and you weren't marked present, make sure your phone is set up as described below

Firstly, the automatic attendance or instant roll calls feature works only if you're using
the Acadly app.

"I'm using the website"/ "My attendance status is not 'Present' even though I'm on the app and attending the lecture"

If you're using the website (desktop or mobile), you will not be marked present automatically. To get your attendance recorded, please speak with your professor as soon as the lecture ends. They will need to change your attendance status manually.

Check your settings - Select your device

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