Student Guide: Auto-attendance on Acadly

Auto-attendance troubleshooting guide for students (Android users)


If your professor used one-tap auto-attendance/ instant roll calls and it didn't work for you and you use an iOS device, we highly recommend that you read this guide to ensure your phone is setup properly.

Step 2/2: 9-point checklist for iOS users

1. Are you using the Acadly app (and not the website)?

This feature works only on the Acadly Android and iOS apps. The website (mobile or desktop) won't work for auto-attendance.

If you don't have the app, or if the auto-attendance process doesn't work for any other reason, your professor can mark you present manually - just have a word with them when the lecture ends.

2. Are you connected to the internet?

You need reliable, uninterrupted internet access at the time the auto-attendance process runs.

3. Is the Acadly app in the foreground when attendance is being marked?

It is mandatory to have the Acadly app open and in the foreground (and not minimized).

4. Did you give the app the permissions it asked for?

The Acadly app asks you for permissions when you log in to it the first time. Please give the app the permissions it asks for, when prompted:

When you log in to Acadly for the first time, it will show you a pop-up message which says

5. Is your Bluetooth turned on?

In case your Bluetooth is not on, the app prompts you to switch it on. This is the warning you will receive:

If your bluetooth is not on, the app will show you a message saying

Tap OK to dismiss this notification.

Note: The app may mark you as Present even if your Bluetooth is turned off. This is expected behaviour. The app may have used WiFi to do so.

6. Turning Bluetooth on (IMPORTANT)

Starting iOS 11, Apple has introduced a bit of complexity that makes it necessary to turn Bluetooth on from the Command Center or the bottom tray.

Turning your Bluetooth on from the settings page WILL NOT WORK!

Please follow the steps shown here.

Step 1 : Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Command Centre.  Step 2 : Tap on the bluetooth icon to switch it on. Step 3 : You're good to go!

That's it. If you're still not marked present, please ask the instructor to mark you present manually once the lecture ends.

If you still face any issues, get in touch with us using the Feedback option (under Settings) or emailing us at We'd be glad to help!

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