It is possible to add files and links to a lecture even after it ends. Before we explain how, a note on this:

We're often asked why there's no post-class section inside a lecture, to complement the pre-class and in-class sections. There's a design reason for this:

When we were researching principles of Learner Experience design, one of the common themes was that resources (activities or content) shared as a post-lecture resource do not create the same degree of engagement among students. The possible reason is that post-lecture resources are perceived as optional or "good-to-have", but not necessary.

Therefore, it is by design that a post-lecture activities section is missing from a lecture. 

Functionally, this has the same impact, and the added advantage is that students engage better with content shared in this fashion.

You can, however, share "static" content like files and links using the Lecture Summary section at the bottom of the lecture page.

Things to note about the Lecture Summary section

  • The section becomes active only after a lecture is over (you cannot add anything to it before the lecture ends)

  • Only files, links and a description can be added to the Lecture Summary as of now

  • Students DO NOT receive email notifications when something is added to the Lecture Summary

  • No analytics are available regarding the engagement of Lecture Summary content, as opposed to Pre-Class and In-Class activities, where engagement statistics are automatically recorded and displayed to the professor.

To add a Lecture Summary

  • After a lecture is over, tap on the "Lecture Summary" tile at the bottom of a lecture.

  • You will see the following pop-up. Click on edit.

  • You will now be able to upload files and links here

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