If you are looking to use Acadly to teach a course for which you have already used Acadly in a previous semester, this article will help you understand how you can re-use all the content and activities in a matter of a few clicks.

The method described works equally well for both Acadly Basic courses and Acadly Pro (Acadly with Zoom integration) courses. Therefore, you can use this to convert a face-to-face course to an online course and vice versa.

Step 1 - Select a 'Source Course' at the time of course creation

GIF 1 - Demo video of how to select a source course (description and step-by-step instructions below)

1.1 Select a Source Course

At the time of course setup, Acadly will automatically prompt you to select a Source Course, if there is at least one old course in your Acadly account.

This list displays courses that meet the following conditions:

  • The course end date should have already passed

  • This includes both Archived Courses and courses that have ended but may not have been archived

  • Courses in which your role is either Instructor or Admin

Figure 1 - Adding a new course screen, as shown to users who have at least one old course in their Acadly accounts. You can select a Source Course here.

1.2 Select content to copy

Once you select a Source Course, on the next screen you will be able to select the information you wish to copy to the new course. You can choose to copy some or all of the following:

  • Course Description

  • Course Reading List

  • Course Syllabus

  • Course Topics

At this stage, you will also be informed that the activities will not be "copied" directly. Rather, they will be suggested to you intelligently, based on how you used Acadly in the Source Course.

Figure 2 - Selecting the content that needs to be copied from the Source Course to the new course. All content can be copied barring the activities, which will be intelligently suggested by Acadly in the new course.

After this step, the rest of the course setup continues as usual. You will need to select a course schedule, add members to the course team, and enrol students to the course.

This is process is described in detail in this Help Center article.

Step 2 - Using Suggested Activities

GIF 2 - Demo video of how to use Suggested Activities on the Class page (description and step-by-step instructions below)

2.1 Using Suggested Activities inside class meetings

After you set up a new course based on a Source Course as described above, tap on any class meeting inside the new course. On the Class page, you will find a new section called Suggested Activities.

This is shown here:

Figure 3: Suggested Activities on the Class page

A few activities will be suggested to you intelligently, based on how activities were used in the Source Course. Tap on any activity to see the Activity Preview. If the required activity is not shown, you can also tap on the button ALL ACTIVITIES FROM SOURCE COURSE to view other suggestions.

On the Activity Preview page, you can choose to USE an activity. Tapping on the DON'T SUGGEST button will hide the activity. However, hidden activities will continue to show up in the complete list, which you can access by tapping the ALL ACTIVITIES FROM SOURCE COURSE button.

Figure 4: All activities - including Hidden and Used activities - from the previous course are shown to users upon tapping the ALL ACTIVITIES FROM SOURCE COURSE button

After tapping the USE option, the activity will appear on the class page in an Unpublished state. If required, it can be edited at this stage, and then published.

2.2 Using Suggested Assignments

Assignments from the Source Course will also be shown to you when you try to create a new assignment.

To view suggested assignments, tap/click the + button on the Course Timeline and select Assignment. Acadly will automatically prompt you to add an assignment based on the assignments published in the Source Course.

Figure 5 - Suggested Assignments shown to users 

Like in the case of suggested activities, a preview of the assignment will be shown to you at this stage, after which you can choose to USE the assignment. Selecting the USE option will add an unpublished copy of the assignment to the course timeline. It can be edited before it is published.


If you have any questions about this article, please write to us at support@acadly.com. Happy to help!

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