When you host a quiz or poll, the default settings allow students to see the results straightaway. Like this:

However, you can withhold the results from your students - temporarily at least - by toggling the "Withhold Results Till Deadline" option. This is available only for Polls and Quizzes.

Here's how to do so:

  • Hit the publish button

  • On the following screen, toggle "withhold results till deadline" on

How to toggle Withhold Results Till Deadline

That's it. Now, your students will not see the poll or quiz results immediately after submitting their response to the quiz or poll question.

Instead, they'll be able to view the results only once the deadline has elapsed. Toggling this option on can help you keep the results fair and unbiased. On the other hand, it takes away the realtime aspect just a little bit.

Happy teaching!

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