It is possible to export data from Acadly for individual activities/lectures or for the course as a whole. The kinds of data that can be exported are:

  • Quiz scores

  • Assignment scores

  • Poll participation

  • Class participation credits

  • Attendance data

To export data for a particular activity like a quiz/poll

1. Navigate to the activity (quiz, poll or assignment).

2. Click the analytics button on top.

Note: In case you want to export attendance/ participation analytics, simply navigate to the corresponding page.

3. On the analytics page, you'll find the results of the activity and can export these results by clicking on the "Export as CSV" button.

Your file will now be available for download.


To export data for a course as a whole

1. To export data for an entire course, click on the course analytics button (on the course timeline)

2. Click the "Export course data as CSV" option.

3. On the following screen, select the kind of data you need to export:

This will help you export the selected kind of data for the entire course at once.


For any other kinds of data exports, please reach out to us via the in-app Feedback or by writing to us at

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