Activities on Acadly can be copied to another lecture. If an activity has been published, it cannot be moved but it can be copied to another lecture. This lecture can be in any course. To copy an activity to a lecture, you need to be the lecture in-charge (you are the default lecture in-charge in any course where you're the sole professor), and the lecture should be scheduled in the future.

A video demonstration of the same is here:

Detailed instructions

To copy or move an activity, open the activity page. You will find the options to copy/move in the action bar on top.

Click copy or move, depending upon the action you want to perform.

You will now see the option to select the course you want to copy/move the activity to.

Select your course. On the following screen, you will be shown a list of all possible lectures the activity can be copied to.

Select the lecture you want to copy/move the activity to. Now, you will be able to select if you want to copy the activity to the pre-class or the in-class section of the lecture.

Make the appropriate selection. Please go to the lecture you've copied the activity to. You will find the activity inside, as an un-published activity. You can make edits as necessary before publishing it.

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