For classroom discussions, you can generate a Word Cloud on Acadly by following the steps listed below.


Your course needs to be in a "published" state. To learn how to create and publish a course, please refer to the course creation guide.

Step 1: Create a Discussion Activity

  • Go to a "class" (lecture or class meeting) on your timeline and tap the + button.

  • Choose in-class or pre-class, depending upon the kind of activity you wish to create.

  • Choose "Discussion" to create a discussion activity, and publish it. Note that in-class discussions can only be published during class meeting hours.

To learn how to create an activity, refer to the how-to guide for how to create and publish an activity.

A published pre-class discussion

Step 2: View the Word Cloud

After the Discussion has been published, open the discussion page. On the top-right corner, you will find the Word Cloud icon ☁️, where the Word Cloud for the discussion is displayed.

Step 3: Confirm Word Cloud availability and Generate

  • When the Word Cloud is available, a notification will be displayed on the Word Cloud icon ☁️ as shown below. Click/tap to open the page.

  • This takes you here, and to make the Word Cloud available to the entire class, tap on "Generate Word Cloud" at the bottom of the screen.

  • That's it! The Word Cloud is now live.

The Word Cloud will be available to your students as well

Students can go the same place on their interface, and view it anytime - during class hours and later.

The Word Cloud will refresh and update automatically

Every few comments, the Word Cloud will update with new information based on the discussion comments.

It's compatible with the Contribute to Consume setting

If you've turned on "Contribute to Consume" for your discussion (point 9 of this Help Center article explains how this works), the Word Cloud will only be visible to students who have made at least comment on the discussion thread.

You can also choose to refresh it manually

By tapping the "Generate Word Cloud" button again.

You can also delete irrelevant or obvious words

Tap on the Edit Word List button below the Word Cloud to remove words

If Word Cloud is unavailable

  • Word Cloud unavailable: If there isn't enough data to generate a Word Cloud, you may see the following message on the Word Cloud page. Don't worry - come back to the page a few comments later, and you should find your Word Cloud here soon!

Demo GIF

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