Among the ways in which you can use Acadly inside the classroom as a professor, is a unique feature that can help you reward students for participation that happens offline, via written or verbal means.

For example, consider the following scenarios:

  • Project presentations: Students are scheduled to make presentations - individual or as-a-group - inside the classroom, and you need to grade them for their work

  • Q&A points: A component of your overall course grade is for in-class participation, and you need to keep track of students who ask questions in class

  • In-class projects: Students are given a short activity like creating a poster, and you need to evaluate their work at the end of class

Recording and rewarding points for in-class participation

You can use Acadly to reward students for any 'offline' participation inside the classroom. These results can be easily exported at the end of the class meeting (or at the end of a course for all lectures, in a consolidated manner).

Here's everything you need to know to use this feature.

Prerequisites for rewarding students for in-class participation

There are two prerequisites for this, at the moment:

  1. You need to be the Class In-Charge: If you're the only professor in the course, you would be the Class In-Charge for all class meetings by default. Here's our Help Center article on this, if you need to understand this better.

  2. The Class needs to be In Session or Completed: Acadly would prompt you to "Start the Class" if you open the Class meeting page during the scheduled meeting hours. Once you start the class, it would be In Session. After the class is over, the class status would be Completed.

If you used Acadly during the class meeting (that is, if you started the class on Acadly during the class meeting), you would be able to reward students for participation after the class is over as well.

If the class was not started during the scheduled hours, you would not be able to use this feature for the class meeting later on.

How to access the Class Participation page

To open the Class Participation Page:

  • On the My Courses Page, click on your course

  • On the Course Timeline, click on your class meeting/ lecture

  • On the Class (Lecture) page, tap the Analytics (graph) icon on the top right corner

What the Class Participation page will show

If you open the Class Participation page before the scheduled class hours, you won't be able to reward points to students at that time. Similarly, if you don't use Acadly during the lecture and open the Class Participation page after the class is over, you won't find the option to award points there.

However, if you open the Class Participation page during class hours or later after having used Acadly during the class hours, you will find a list of your students there.

Class participation page for a vocational beauty-care training course

0. To reward multiple students together, check the "Select Multiple Students" option. This could be useful if you're awarding points for group activities.

1. If a student has been awarded points earlier, the number of reward instances and the total number of points accumulated will show up next to their name.

How to award Class Participation points

Using the Class Analytics screen to reward students for offline participation

To award points to a student, click/ tap on their name. Upon doing so, the following screen will show up:

Use the slider on top to award points to the student. There are several other optional inputs that can help you make your records more systematic.

2. Tags: Instructors can define a tag/ label before they rate a student. The labels are case-insensitive. For example, “Q&A” and “q&a” would be treated as the same label.

3. Re-use tags that have been previously used in the lecture: Instructors can re-use tags previously used in the class. 

4. Re-use tags that have been previously used in the course, in other lectures: Instructors can also re-use tags previously used in other classes of the same course. This is to help them ensure that they follow a consistent terminology for the entire course.

5. Points history: Instructors can view a list of all the ratings previously assigned to the student along with the tags for the skills.

Exporting Class Participation Points

Class participation data can be exported for individual class meetings, or for all the class meetings in the course, once the course ends.

Exporting Class Participation Points for a single lecture/ class meeting

This option is available on the Class Participation page (after the lecture ends):

Exporting Class Participation Points for all lectures in the entire course

This option would be available in the "Course Analytics" section, and this is explained in detail along with screenshots in this Help Center article.


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