During a class meeting, instructors have plenty on their plate, and helping them reduce the time spent on administrative tasks has been at the core of the Acadly platform.

One of the ways you can do so is to use your Class Team. For every lecture, apart from the instructor, you can also select an Assistant, who can help you with the following tasks:

  • Assistants can record attendance for a class - both automatically as well as manually. You can read more about this in this Help Center article.

  • Assistants can reward class participation points to students during and after the class. You can read more about this in this Help Center article.

Who can be made Assistant?

  • The Course Admin, Instructors and Teaching Assistants can all be made Class Assistants.

To learn more about how to add Instructors and Teaching Assistants to a course, please read this Help Center article.

Who can select the Class Assistant?

  • The Class In-charge and the Course Admin can both select the Assistant for a class.

How can the Class Assistant be selected?

If you are neither the Course Admin, nor are you the Class In-charge, the Course Admin would be able to help you with this. The instructor who creates the course is the Course Admin by default. You may need to contact them, and ask them to make you the Class In-Charge.

Once you reach the Class page, you will find an option to edit the Class Team, as long as there is at least one more co-instructor or Teaching Assistant added to the Course team.

Tap the edit button next to the Class Team to select a Class In-charge. This option is highlighted in the screenshot below.

Fig 1 - Option to edit the Class Team

You will now be able to select a Class Assistant. Here's a short GIF demo of the entire process.

GIF 1 - Adding a Class Assistant to your Class

For any further questions on how to select an Assistant, please reach out to us at support@acadly.com.

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