In-class polls and quizzes on Acadly typically have short deadlines and instructors can choose to disallow Late submissions. Therefore, it is possible that a student who loses track of time could run out of time even as they're in the middle of responding to the poll or quiz.

To ensure that students have a chance to submit responses even if they run out of time, Acadly has a couple of safeguards built into it, on the web app as well as the Android and iOS apps:

  • Warning indicator: When the deadline is 10 seconds away, Acadly warns students via a blinking indicator that shows up at the bottom of the screen.

  • Automatic submission: If the student still runs out of time, Acadly will try to submit their responses to the quiz/ poll automatically. Students will see the "TIME UP" prompt informing them that their progress will be submitted. Students can choose to not submit at this time, if they so choose.

Demo: Intelligent, deadline-based quiz and poll submissions. Right click and open this GIF in a new window to view an enlarged version of this demo.


  • Automatic submissions are available only for in-class activities, not pre-class activities.

  • The option to submit when the deadline elapses is available, whether Late submissions are allowed or not. If Late submissions are allowed, students can choose to not submit immediately, and send in a Late submission instead.

  • Automatically made submissions will not be marked as Late.

  • If a student has not chosen a response to any questions, no submission will be made.

  • This works only if the app is in the foreground. If the student has moved away from the quiz/poll attempt screen or minimized/closed the app, no submission will be made.

  • In the case of quizzes, if only some of the questions have been attempted, at the time of grading, the other questions will be considered to have no response. If the Incentivizing or Penalizing scoring schemes have been selected, this will be an important aspect to consider.

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