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  1. How to teach an online lecture using Zoom integration on Acadly

  2. How to delink a Zoom account from Acadly

  3. Zoom Account Configuration for Acadly

Acadly helps professors make lectures interactive in both face-to-face as well as online classes. Using rich activities like polls, quizzes, word clouds, discussions, and videos, faculty can make the lecture experience engaging for their class. The key difference between the face-to-face and online modalities is that in the latter, professors need a way to deliver the lecture in addition to sharing activities.

In online classes, Acadly can help you teach using a single-screen interface with our Zoom integration that adds video-conferencing to Acadly. Here's a quick demo of Acadly with Zoom integration:

Demo video: Acadly with Zoom integration

Acadly vs. Acadly with Zoom - difference in user interfaces

Acadly without Zoom vs. Acadly with Zoom

This article helps you understand how to link your Acadly and Zoom accounts together. Please refer to the tutorials listed at the beginning of this article for further details on how to use Acadly with Zoom.

Prerequisites for using Acadly with Zoom integration

1. Buying a Acadly Pro Course Slot or being an Acadly Enterprise user: To use Acadly with Zoom integration, users must either purchase an Acadly Pro course, or be part of an institution using Acadly for Institutions, our enterprise version. To buy an Acadly Pro course, log in to Acadly, tap the + button and select "Create a pro course".

2. Teachers can access Zoom meeting features only on a laptop/ desktop: While all other teaching-learning features are accessible to professors on a mobile interface, to teach using the Zoom-integrated version of Acadly, a laptop or desktop is required. Teacher-side features are not available in the Acadly app.

However, students can join your Zoom meeting within the Acadly app also. Thus, this platform restriction applies only to professors.

3. Teachers need to use the Google Chrome Browser: At this time, the Zoom SDK is supported only on Google Chrome. On other browsers, teachers will be prompted to use the Chrome browser instead.

4. Zoom account: You must have a Zoom account for the Acadly-Zoom integration to work. It is not necessary to have a paid Zoom account. Even if you have a free Zoom account, the integration will work.

However, please note that the limitations of a free account, as described here, will still be applicable. For example, your Zoom meeting will end in 40 minutes and host up to 100 participants at a time.

Similarly, if you have a Zoom Pro/ Business/ Enterprise/ Education account, your meetings will similarly inherit the restrictions imposed by the purchased package.

Authorizing and connecting your Zoom account within the Acadly interface

Inside the Acadly interface, to connect your Zoom and Acadly accounts, please follow the steps described here:

Step 1: Navigating to the Zoom Authorization page

To connect an Acadly account with a Zoom account, there are two options:

Option 1 - Via the Acadly "Settings" page

The Settings section is available on left hand side of your page. On the desktop/ laptop website, the Settings page is visible to users from everywhere within Acadly.

Settings section of your Acadly account

  • In the Settings section, click on the Zoom Integration option

The "Zoom Integration" option is available in the "Integrations" section of the Settings page

Zoom Integration option on the Settings page of Acadly

  • On the following screen, click on the "Add to Zoom" button

After clicking on "Zoom Integration", the following screen describes the Privacy Policy and how Acadly will use your Zoom account details.

Click on the "Add to Zoom" button to connect your Acadly and Zoom accounts

We also encourage users to read our complete privacy policy here. If the terms listed here are acceptable, please click "Add to Zoom" and move to Step 2. You may skip "Option 2" detailed below.

Option 2: Via the Lecture/ Class page

The Authorization link is also displayed to users on the class/ lecture page on Acadly. The following steps describe how the link is displayed to users.

  • Create your Acadly course with online lectures added to the timeline

To create an Acadly course, please follow the steps described here. While adding your course meeting schedule, please select turn on the "This class is online" option, as shown below:

How to create online lecture meetings in Acadly

On the course timeline, online class meetings have a video camera icon 📹 as shown below.

How online class meetings look like on Acadly

  • Click on an upcoming class meeting to visit the lecture/ class page

On the class page, you will find an option to "Authorize and Create Online Meeting" as shown below.

Class page view and option to Authorize Acadly to create online meetings

Click the "Authorize and Create Online Meeting" button, and move to Step 2. To read and understand how Acadly uses your Zoom account data, we encourage you to read our complete privacy policy here.

Step 2: Read the terms, privacy policy, and Authorize Acadly

At this stage, a new browser window/tab will open up, taking you to the Zoom authorization page, as shown below. Please read the terms and conditions described in the links on the page and, if acceptable, click the Authorize button.

Zoom Authorization page

Note: You will be prompted to log in to your Zoom account first, if you're not already logged in.

Note: It is possible that at this stage, you may see the following message.

If you do, please visit this Help Center article that discusses Zoom Account Configuration.


Once you click the Authorize button, your Acadly-Zoom account linkage will be complete.

After you link your Zoom and Acadly accounts, on the class meeting page, you will find your Zoom plugin enabled.

Acadly Lecture/ Class Meeting Page with Zoom plugin enabled

At this point, you will also be prompted by your browser to allow the Acadly website to access your camera, as shown below:

Browser prompt to allow Acadly to access your camera

To start the meeting, click the "Join by Computer" option.

Browser prompt to allow Acadly to access your mic

To share your video and audio during the online lecture, you would need to provide permissions to Acadly to access both your mic as well as your camera.

To learn more how to use the Zoom plugin to teach a live online class on Acadly, please read the article "How to teach an online lecture using Zoom integration on Acadly".


Authorizing and connecting the Acadly plugin via the Zoom Marketplace

It is also possible to connect and authorize Acadly via the Zoom Marketplace. To learn how to do so, please read this section from the Getting Started with Marketplace help guide on the Zoom Support website.


Support Policy

For any questions or queries, please reach out to us at

  • Office hours: For the purposes of supporting users, our office hours are 8 am EST Monday to 8 pm EST, Friday. There are no exceptions to this, even in case of popular holidays.

  • Response time on email: As per our support policy, any questions asked via email within office hours will receive a response from a member of our support team within 24 hours. Any questions asked via email outside of office hours will receive a response from our support team within 36 hours.

  • Support via Intercom: Please note that we are not available on Intercom around the clock. To ensure that your query is answered within the timeline detailed above, please share your email address on Intercom so that we may get back to you. You will be prompted to do so by Intercom in case we are unavailable.

  • Escalations: In case of unsatisfactory resolution or failure to respond within the timelines guaranteed, please send an email to with the subject line "Escalation" and the query will be automatically escalated to the Head of Support at Acadly.

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