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1/3 Authorizing Acadly-Zoom integration

In online classes, Acadly can help you teach using a single-screen interface by enabling our Zoom integration that adds video-conferencing to Acadly.

In order to use Acadly with Zoom integration, the first step is to link a Zoom account with your Acadly account. The process you need to follow is described here.

However, if your Zoom account is managed centrally by your organization, you may need approval from your university's Zoom administrator for the linking process, and you may see the following pop-up:

Acadly-Zoom authentication prompt

Approval pop-up when linking Acadly with Zoom

If you see this message, you will need to reach out to your Zoom account admin, who should be able to "approve" or "pre-approve" Acadly for installation.

The process for a Zoom account admin to approve and pre-approve apps is described here.

2/3 Disabling Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for instant meetings

It is necessary to disable the option "Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when starting an instant meeting" in your Zoom account settings. To do so, please log in to your Zoom account on the web and go to Settings, as shown below.

How to navigate to Zoom settings on the Zoom website

Once you're in the Settings section, scroll down and disable the option, as shown below:

How to disable PMI for instant meetings in Zoom account settings

3/3 Disable authentication for meeting attendees

It is necessary to allow users to join the meeting without "authentication", which requires users to sign in to Zoom. Please note that this does not materially impact the security of your Zoom meetings hosted via Acadly since Acadly requires students enrolled in your course to log in anyway.

To turn off authentication, please open your Zoom account and go to Settings. Under Settings, you can disable this option as shown here.

How to disable authentication for meeting attendees in Zoom account settings


Support Policy

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