Recording attendance in Zoom classes is a common and essential classroom task. Watch the video below to learn how you can check for student attentiveness in an online class.

Video demo of automatic Zoom attendance in Acadly

During a Zoom class on Acadly, an instructor can click a button to launch "attentivity checks" multiple times. When an attentivity check is launched, students are prompted to confirm if they are still watching the video. At any time, the instructor can stop the attendance process and the prompt would disappear at such a time.

  • Students are not notified about an attentivity check via any notifications outside of the Acadly web or mobile app.

  • Multiple checks can be launched during a meeting, and the instructor can see how many checks did a student respond to.

  • A student is marked as Present if they respond to at least one attentivity check.

  • Students who respond to fewer than 80% of all attentivity checks are highlighted in the Acadly interface.

  • Attendance statuses of all students can be modified manually be the Class In-Charge or the Class Assistant. Attendance records can be modified after the lecture too.

  • All attendance records can be downloaded to CSV files after the lecture. Files include students' email addresses too.

Step 1: Professor starts the Attentivity Check

During the online class, the professor can click the RECORD ATTENDANCE button to initiate the attentivity check. This can only be done after the broadcast has been started.

Figure 1: RECORD ATTENDANCE button on the Class page

Step 2: Students see a prompt inside their Zoom meeting on Acadly

The prompt is shown to students irrespective of whether or not they are watching in full-screen mode or the device using which they are logged in (website or Android/iOS app).

Figure 2: Attentivity prompt in full-screen mode

Figure 3: Attentivity prompt in normal mode

Step 3: The professor can view aggregate or detailed results

On the Activities tab of the Class Page, the professor can view a summary of the attentivity check and the option to stop the attendance process at anytime.

Figure 4: Activities tab while attendance is being recorded

On the Attendance tab, the professor can view the detailed records including information about the number of attentivity checks a student has responded to.

Figure 5: Attendance tab

The option to download the attendance results to a CSV file is available on the Attendance tab after the lecture ends.


Please write to us at in case you have any questions or feedback about Acadly's Zoom class attendance process. Happy teaching!

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