Acadly Pro and Acadly Enterprise courses include the Zoom integration option that can help instructors deliver interactive online lectures.

Breakout rooms are one of Zoom's most-used features and this article discusses how Zoom's breakout rooms work on Acadly Pro.

Breakout Rooms on Acadly - Demo Video

Step 1: Set up your Acadly Pro/ Enterprise course and create an online lecture, as described here.

Step 2: Enable Zoom's Breakout Room feature by visiting the account settings of your linked Zoom account.

Step 3: During the lecture, click the Create Breakout Room button in the Zoom control bar on your Zoom desktop app.

Step 4: In the following window, select the number of breakout rooms you want to create.

Note: Please note that the option "Allow participants to choose their room" is incompatible with Acadly Pro.

Step 5: Now, choose the participants in each room and click "Open All Rooms".

Student experience after all rooms are opened

Once the breakout rooms are opened, students are notified about this inside the video unit. The student needs to click the Join button at this stage.

Students are notified as they leave the main meeting and join the Breakout Room. This can take up to a minute depending upon the size of the classroom and the quality of the student's internet connection.

Once the student joins the meeting, they need to click the Join Audio button to turn on their mic and speakers. Whenever students move in and out of Breakout Rooms, it is necessary for them to join the audio again.

Step 6: Close Breakout Rooms any time during the lecture.

At this stage, all participants would return to your original online class.


  1. Acadly's Zoom attendance feature works as usual while students are in breakout rooms.

  2. All students would see and be able to respond to all published activities.

  3. All students would see the common chat. There's no breakout room specific chat feature in Acadly.

  4. The option to pre-assign participants to Breakout Rooms is not available in Acadly Pro right now.

  5. The breakout room feature is available only for students who join your online class using the Acadly website. This feature is not available on the Acadly Android and iOS apps at the moment.

  6. Students cannot share their screen in Breakout Rooms in Acadly Pro right now.

  7. To broadcast messages to students, instructors can use Acadly's messaging feature.

  8. Please do not end the broadcast while breakout rooms are still in session since there are known issues with this. It is possible that you will not run into issues but it is recommended to avoid this.


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