Once a group is created, you can create sessions (meetings with your attendees) to take attendance. Sessions can be set up in a way such that they begin instantly, or at a schedule time, and they can also be set up as per a recurring schedule. This article explains all these various options.

To create a single session instantly or at a predefined time

  • You need to be inside the corresponding group. Tap on the group to do so.

  • Once you're inside, tap the + icon (shown below)

Image: Inside a group screen add button

Group home screen

  • Tap the Add new session button.

Image: Add a new session dialog box

Add a new session dialog box

  • You can either start an ad-hoc session on the fly or schedule your session at a predefined time and venue. Add these details on this page.

Image: Add a new session screen

Add a new session screen

  • Your session is now created to take automatic attendance.

Image: Session Created screen

Session home screen

To create multiple sessions as per a recurring schedule

If your groups need to meet on a recurring basis as per a fixed weekly schedule, Acadly Here helps you schedule sessions in bulk as well. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Once inside your group. Tap the + button

  • Tap “Add by a weekly schedule”

Image: Add by a weekly schedule dialog box

Add by a weekly schedule option

  • You can enter the start time, end time and days of the week when the session begins at the given time to schedule a recurring session.

Image: Adding a weekly schedule details

Adding a weekly schedule details

  • You can add recurring sessions multiple times to take care of complicated schedules (for example, in cases where the Monday session is between 9 - 10 am but the Wednesday session is between 2 - 3 pm).

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