The first session with a new application might be a little nerve wracking. But no worries! This guide will help you with the prerequisites and best practises for automatic attendance to work seamlessly.

  • The host and member must both have the app. Please advise members to install the app, if they haven't already done so.

  • Please advise members to give the app the necessary permissions. It is worth noting here that Acadly Here asks Android users for GPS permissions, but it does not access anyone's geolocation at any point. You can learn more about that here.

  • Right before you start auto-attendance, please ask the members to open the app on their phones. If they don't, Acadly Here will send them a push notification, tapping on which will open the app. However, it's advisable to keep the app open from the very beginning.

  • Everyone needs to have reliable internet connectivity

  • Please let the process run for the predefined duration (~2.5 minutes). Do not lock your phone - this would abort the process. Your phone won't lock by itself while auto-attendance runs.

  • Please do share the Acadly Here Guide with attendees to make sure they understand how Acadly's auto-attendance works.

  • Please educate attendees about the manual mode of Acadly Here. I.e., in case they are not marked present, they can approach you to get their status updated manually.

  • Please inform the attendees that they can check their attendance status on the spot, on the group page of their app.

Contact is you feel the auto attendance is not working correctly even after the above pointers are taken care of.

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