This guide will walk you through all the pointers necessary to capture attendance in a session.

Infrastructural requirement

  • Both admin and members need the Acadly Here app (iOS or Android) and Acadly Here accounts (how to create an account)

  • Members should have joined your group using the Join Code (how to add members for admins and how to join a group for members)

  • Having a reliable internet connection is necessary. Automatic discovery does not work for users who are offline.

  • Being connected via a WiFi connection improves the accuracy of the process. Please note that it is not mandatory to be connected to a WiFi connection. Auto attendance process can also rely solely on Bluetooth, even if your attendees are connected to the internet via their mobile data/ LTE/ 3G connection.

  • Both admin and members must provide all necessary permission to the app.

Follow the below steps to take attendance

  • Create an Acadly Here account and log in

  • Create a group and add members that will be attending the session(s)

  • Inside a group, there can be various sessions that can have their respective attendance data. To know more about how you can create a session, read our help centre article How can I add a new session to my group.

  • Tap on the session for which you need to record attendance.


Image: Start Attendance button

Start Attendance process button

  • This will pop up the below screen which marks the start of the automatic attendance process on Acadly Here (this is where the magic happens)

Image: Starting Attendance process - 1

Starting Attendance process

  • Confirm by tapping START. Once you do so, the process will begin and you will see the screen below:

Image: Starting Attendance process - 2

Attendance in progress

  • As members are discovered, the number of attendees who are marked present will update on your screen, as shown below:

Image: Starting Attendance Process - 3

Attendance in progress - number of attendees updated on your screen

Notable points

  • If a member is not marked present, their attendance status can be edited manually anytime. To know more about this step please visit the help centre article Can I edit attendance records for a session manually.

  • You can also add team members to assist you with the attendance process. To know more about this step please visit our help centre article on How to add team members to the group.

  • If auto-attendance does not work well the first time you can RETAKE AUTOMATIC ATTENDANCE. This option appears in place of the START AUTOMATIC ATTENDANCE.

  • You can export the attendance data into a CSV file for further analysis

Common reasons for failure (given members are added to your group)

  • The members might not have the Acadly Here app open on their devices

  • The members might not have given the necessary permissions to the app

  • The members might have their Bluetooth (in case of iOS) or GPS (in case of Android) manually switched off. The app prompts them to take an action in case this happens. However, users can ignore or dismiss the prompt.

  • The members weren't connected to a stable internet connection


  • It is recommended that students have their app open and in the foreground when they start the process since this helps the discovery process. However, this is not mandatory.

  • If you have WiFi available, it's better if the group uses it. This is not mandatory though. The process can rely solely on Bluetooth, even if your attendees are connected to the internet via their mobile data/ LTE/ 3G connection.

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