This guide will walk you through the process of how Acadly Here works for members, the prerequisites, and best practices to follow for the application to work seamlessly.

The prerequisites:

  • Be sure you have the Acadly Here app (Android or iOS) installed on your smartphone, and have created an Acadly Here account

  • Ensure that you have joined the corresponding group on Acadly Here. Here's how you can do so.

  • You must be connected to a stable internet connection

  • Giving the app all the necessary permissions it asks for is one of the most important pointers to remember. This will make sure the app runs smoothly and you are marked present in every session you are present in.

  • Please open the Acadly Here app before or when the attendance process begins. Having the app open speeds up the process considerably.

How will I know that the automatic attendance has started and I have been marked present or not?

As soon as the admin/host starts the automatic attendance process you will be able to see the below screen -

Image - Member attendance process - 1

Prompt shown to members when the attendance process starts

Once you have been marked present, you will be shown the below screen.

Image: Member attendance process status Present

Prompt shown to members once they are marked Present

If you are a member of the group and have not been marked present for any reason you will see the below screen -

In case you are not marked as present

If you believe this is an error/ mistake, please approach the Admin (attendance taker) immediately and inform them of the same. They can manually edit your status using their Acadly Here app.

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