Admins can edit attendance records manually. To do, open the group, tap on the corresponding session, and tap the ✏️ button on the page.

Image: Session page edit button

Attendance edit button on the session page

Once you tap the edit button, the Editing session record page shows up. Here, you can tap on an attendee's name to edit their status.

Image: Attendance report before edit

Attendance list before manual editing

Once the statuses have been edited, tap the OK ✓ button to confirm.

Image: Attendance report after edit

Confirm manual edits to freeze attendance statuses


  • You can edit the attendance status and change it to Late and Excused as well.

  • Manual edits can be made any number of times.

  • Attendees can see their attendance status on their Acadly Here app

  • For changes to reflect while they are on the group timeline, they can pull/swipe down to refresh manually.

  • Manual edits can be made by all admins of the group.

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