Are you connected to a stable Internet connection?

Admin and members need to be connected to a stable internet connection for Acadly Here to work well. If you think your internet connection is not working properly, please ask the admin/ host to mark you present manually.

Check if Acadly Here is in the foreground

Acadly Here needs to be open for the attendance process to work. If it's minimized or killed, a push notification will be delivered to you, tapping on which will open the app. It is necessary to keep the application open and in the foreground while the attendance is in process.

Did you check for the required permissions asked by the app?

The Acadly Here app will ask for permission to access your "location" once it is installed. It is necessary to give the app permission this permission for the app to run.

Note: Acadly Here does not access your GPS location but this permission is required as explained here.

Image: Permission pop-up

Permission pop-up

If the permission was denied (or if you manually turned off your GPS), you will be prompted as shown below:

Image: Permission required

Permission required screen

Turn battery optimization off for the Acadly Here app

Battery optimization has the undesirable side-effect that it can disable radios like Bluetooth, which is necessary for the attendance process to work.

It is advisable to turn off battery optimization for the Acadly Here app. The attendance process runs in the background, if the battery optimization is on it will kill the app in the background and not let the attendance process to function.

The way to do so differs based on the Android version; this guide should help you understand how to do so.

Double-check whether all necessary permissions are given to the app or not?

To do so, open Settings on your Android phone and go to Apps. Find Acadly Here, and go to App Info. You will see the following screen here.

Image: Check app permissions screen Android

Check app permissions screen Android

Make sure that the “Location” permission is allowed to the application.

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