Acadly Here follows a privacy-first approach to attendance automation, beginning with the automation technology itself.

While attendance apps (and indeed, other kinds of attendance products) typically collect sensitive user information such as biometric data or geolocation data, Acadly Here needs none of these.

We do require data such as users' email addresses (both attendance taker's and the attendees'), aliases (usernames), and permission to access Bluetooth (on iOS) or GPS (on Android).

Hold on... if we don't need geolocation data, then why do we ask for GPS permissions?

The technology used by Acadly Here is mesh-network based, which means that we require access to users' WiFi and Bluetooth radios. However, the Android OS clubs Bluetooth permissions along with GPS, and so Acadly Here asks users for those permissions.

Acadly Here never accesses or stores users' GPS location.

This is the cornerstone of our privacy approach, and we hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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