When a quiz or poll is published on Acadly, the instructor is shown a Publish Preferences page, which lists a number of options and settings for the quiz. These settings differ for in-class and pre-class activities. This article discusses only in-class activities.

Quizzes closed based on the deadline selected by the instructor. To select the deadline, the instructor needs to tap on the Quiz closes or Poll closes button on the Publish Preferences page, highlighted below:

Publish preferences for in-class quizzes and in-class polls

Publish preferences for in-class quizzes and in-class polls

The in-class quiz / poll closes based on the setting selected - Manually, Timed, or By end of the class - as shown below:

Deadline selection menu highlighting all the deadline settings

Deadline selection menu shown to instructor when publishing in-class poll or quiz

Case 1: When the instructor selects "Quiz / Poll closes manually"

In this case, the instructor can "Close" the activity any time, as shown below:

Close button on Poll page in Acadly (shown to instructors)

After the activity closes, students may or may not be able to submit responses based on whether or not the instructor has allowed Late submissions on the Publish Preferences page.

Case 2: When the instructor selects an activity deadline / "By the end of class"

In this case, the students see a timer on their screen.

Deadline shown to student

Poll / Quiz deadline shown to student

When time runs out, if a student still hasn't submitted the student will be shown an auto-submit pop-up on their screen. This is discussed in this article.

Again, the post-deadline behaviour depends on the Late Submission setting.


  • If the instructor needs the results / solutions hidden from students till the deadline elapses, they can select the "Withhold results till deadline" option on the Publish Preferences page.

  • In the case of quizzes, instructors can shuffle the sequence of questions and options too.

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