NOTE: This feature is applicable to in-person auto-attendance only. For online attendance, check out Zoom attendance on Acadly.

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All Acadly Pro users can now pre-schedule their attendance check to run at a specified time for a class during the entire semester. This means that the instructor does not need to manually start the automatic attendance process in class - Acadly will run that for you automatically.

How Scheduled Auto-Attendance works on Acadly

image explaining the process of scheduling automatic attendance on acadly.

1/7 Go to the course timeline on Acadly

2/7 Select the upcoming class you want to schedule auto-attendance for

3/7 Go to the Attendance tab on top

4/7 Tap on "Schedule Auto-Attendance" button

The "Schedule Auto-Attendance" button is shown only in an upcoming lecture. If a lecture is in progress (or in the past), this option will not be available.

5/7 Select your preferred option of auto-attendance

There are 4 possible options for scheduling auto-attendance:

  1. Anytime during the class: Auto-attendance runs anytime during the lecture, at random. This is the least predictable and thereby the most foolproof option.

  2. In the first 10 minutes: Auto-attendance runs in the first 10 minutes of the lecture. This is predictable over time.

  3. In the las 10 minutes: Auto-attendance runs in the last 10 minutes of the lecture. This is predictable over time

  4. Select a time: You can also select the exact time at which the attendance process should begin. This is predictable over a number of classes.

6/7 Select all the future classes you'd like to schedule attendance for

7/7 You're set! Enjoy zero-tap attendance tracking for your classes.

  • You can edit the scheduled attendance anytime before the lecture begins

  • You can also start auto-attendance any time during class by going to the attendance tab during class hours

  • To learn about the complete in-class process for recording and manually editing attendance, please read our Auto-Attendance Professor Guide.



  1. This feature only works in Pro courses. If you have an Acadly Basic course, you can create a Pro Trial course and use this feature for a limited time. Learn how to create a Pro Trial course on Acadly.

  2. Students need to open the Acadly app on their phone for auto-attendance to work. If they miss the notification when the attendance check runs, and their Acadly app remains closed, they will not be marked present.



It may happen that a student failed to open the app during auto-attendance, due to which their attendance was not recorded by Acadly. In such case, the student can bring this to the instructor's notice and the attendance can be manually edited to show the student as present.

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